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Using Organoids to Tap Mammary Gland Diversity for Novel Insight

Gat Rauner

Journal of Mammary Gland Biology and Neoplasia

Expanding the Evo-Devo Toolkit: Generation of 3D mammary tissue from diverse mammals

Hahyung Y. Kim, Ishani Sinha, Karen E. Sears, Charlotte Kuperwasser, Gat Rauner

Development (2024)

Advancements in Human Breast Organoid Culture: Modeling Complex Tissue Structures and Developmental Insights

Gat Rauner, Nicole C. Traugh, Colin J. Trepicchio, Meadow E. Parrish, Kenan Mushayandebvu, Charlotte Kuperwasser

BioRxiv (2023)

Breast tissue regeneration is driven by cell-matrix interactions coordinating multi-lineage stem cell differentiation through DDR1

Microenvironmental control of cell fate decisions in mammary gland development and cancer

Gat Rauner and Charlotte Kuperwasser

Developmental Cell (2021)

Conserved and variable: Understanding mammary stem cells across species

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