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Ph.D. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2016

M.Sc. Tel-Aviv University, 2009

B.Sc. Tel Aviv University, 2007

136 Harrison Ave.

Boston, MA 02111


Twitter: @raunerlab

Gat Rauner, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Developmental, Molecular and Chemical Biology

Tufts University School of Medicine

Decoding the set of instructions that guide cells as they coordinate to form tissues and organs holds promise for a range of health domains, from cancer research and regenerative medicine to lactation, nutrition, and ecological developmental biology.

My lab studies mammary gland stem cells and their critical roles in tissue development, regeneration, and cancer. We explore the influence of the cellular microenvironment, often referred to as the "niche", on stem cell dynamics. We develop and utilize next-generation mammary organoids that closely mirror the in-vivo tissue. Our recent progress includes growing advanced mammary organoids from multiple mammalian species.

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